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Lezli Engen – Realtor with Coldwell Banker Burnet

Lezli Engen is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Burnet and works with The Lakes Resource Group in the Wayzata office, but is able to meet clients in any of the Minneapolis/St. Paul offices.  Being part of a team means that even if she’s busy with another client, she always has a partner available to meet your needs.

Lezli loves working with people and getting to know them as well as the process of helping them find the right home for whatever stage of life they’re in.  Lezli has had enough life experiences to know that not every move is a move to your ‘dream’ home.  There’s upsizing and downsizing and rightsizing and sometimes the moves are emotional!  She prides herself on listening to your needs and wants and finding you the home that meets as many of those criteria as possible.

Lezli has been through a divorce herself and has assisted clients with the selling of the family home and securing other living arrangements for both parties.  She understands the delicacy of communication during this process as well as confidentiality and, if appropriate, the importance of maintaining consistency for school districts, sports and location for the kids.

Lezli prides herself on streamlining every aspect of the transaction for her clients:  connecting them with a reputable mortgage broker so that they’re able to get the best rates on a mortgage, getting the property inspected and handling all negotiations that are necessary, while always keeping your best interests top of mind.  She’ll do the research to be sure that you list your home at the right price or make a good offer on a property, coordinate with the mortgage company, inspection and organize a smooth closing for you!

Learn more about Lezli on Facebook: buy modafinil without prescription and feel free to reach out to her for all your real estate needs at 952-913-9229 or buy modafinil amsterdam.

Kathleen L. Kuehl – Attorney and Partner at Bridgeview Legal Advisors, PLLC

Kathleen is an attorney and partner at Bridgeview Legal Advisors, PLLC.  Her practice focuses on wealth preservation and transfer, utilizing gifting, charitable and estate planning strategies that are coordinated with her clients overall financial plan.  Kathleen also provides probate and trust administration services, as well as consultations to individuals acting in fiduciary roles, such as personal representative and trustee.  She works with a variety of clients and families, including owners of closely-held businesses seeking business succession advice and general business counsel.  Kathleen spent over 15 years in the financial services industry assisting high-net-worth individuals and families integrate their investments with their wealth transfer plans.  Her motto that guides her in working with clients is “a life well planned is a life well lived.”

Kathleen has served as a guardian ad litem, a volunteer attorney with Minnesota Children’s Law Center, and a board member and chair of the public policy committee for Cornerstone, a local non-profit providing services for victims of domestic abuse.  She was named a Top Woman in Finance and is a frequent author and lecturer on a variety of estate planning topics, both to professional and community organizations.  Kathleen received her law degree from the University of Minnesota Law School and is a current member of the Minnesota Start Bar and Hennepin County Bar Association and the Twin Cities Estate Planning Council.