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Divorce Consultant

Lisa ByrneLisa Byrne
(612) 371-4010
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Lisa Byrne, Divorce Consultant, has been working in the financial services field for over 20 years. Lisa specializes in working with clients pre divorce and helps them prepare cash flow analysis, budgets and financial statements. During the divorce process Lisa works closely with clients and their attorneys in analyzing spousal support proposals, asset splits, social security maximization, and other important financial issues.

Divorce is a very stressful time for clients and Lisa’s philosophy is to make the process as simple and easy as possible.  “Kitchen table counseling” is a term she uses to describe her practice; which means she will meet her clients in their home and work with them on their day to day financial issues.  It is not uncommon for Lisa to help a client hire other professionals in their lives such as a CPA, estate planning attorney, real estate agent or a mortgage professional and will even help clients navigate the car buying experience.

She is truly an advocate for her clients.



Wermerskirchen and Blomquist, LLC

Kyle Wermerskirchen
(763) 447-6800
buy modafinil amsterdam
1001 Twelve Oaks Center Drive, Suite 1028
Wayzata, MN 55391
buy modafinil asia

Kyle Wermerskirchen brings broad-based litigation background to each new matter. He has litigated federal and state jury trials across Minnesota, and argued cases before the Minnesota Court of Appeals and Minnesota Supreme Court. His wide range of experience brings a unique perspective to cases, and the skill to succeed when litigation is necessary. He helps clients and families facing challenging circumstances with a calm demeanor and thorough preparation. He assesses a client’s goals early in representation, and works hard toward achieving these goals. His experience in litigating cases brings a common-sense approach to skillfully negotiate your case, and bring about a good resolution.


Heimerl & Lammers – Main Office

Katie Lammers – Attorney
buy modafinil adelaide
901 N. 3rd Street Suite 110
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Kathryn Lammers heads the family law department at the Minneapolis law firm of Heimerl and Lammers. She is a skilled advocate with years of experience representing clients in all areas of family law including divorce, complex property valuation and division, cash flow issues, child custody, spousal maintenance, domestic abuse, appeals, child support and third party custody.
Ms. Lammers’ skills as a family law attorney have been widely recognized and she was honored as a Minnesota Superlawyer for the years 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Prior to that, Ms. Lammers was named a Minnesota “Rising Star,” an elite group of emerging lawyers, either under the age of 40 or in practice less than 10 years, who have demonstrated the highest standards of excellence. Katie was one of only several hundred lawyers in Minnesota chosen as a Rising Star. Katie Lammers has earned the distinction of Rising Star for the years 2011-2013.

Woodbury location Attorney

Angela Heart
Heart Law, LLC
(651) 337-1333
539 Bielenberg Drive, Suite 200
Woodbury, MN 55125
Web site:  cheap modafinil australia

Angela created Heart Law to help people manage the divorce process in way that reduces stress and conflict by using a cost-effective and problem-solving approach that puts the interests of families first while the courtroom battle is avoided.  Angela understands the relationship, financial and parenting issues that are involved with divorce and will empower parties to get through the process in a dignified, respectful and private manner.  Angela helps her clients to heal by focusing on the future instead of on past grievances and blame.  

Angela is a trained family law mediator as well as trained Collaborative professional. She uses her skills training to help guide each client through the challenges of conflict and difference to the relief of respectful and realistic resolution while always putting the interests of the family first.
Education:  College of St. Benedict (1990)
William Mitchell College of Law (nka Mitchell Hamline School of Law) (1994) – Cum Laude


Ellie Family Services

Erin Opoku, MA LAMFT
(612) 270-1018

Erin obtained her Master’s degree in Adlerian Psychotherapy with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Adler Graduate School, in 2012. Erin completed her practicum at Genesis II for Families; in Minneapolis, MN, working with high conflict families, in their homes that were involved within the child protection system. During this time Erin was also employed at an agency in the Twin Cities performing Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services, where she worked with clients to find their personal recovery goal to better manage their mental health diagnoses.

After completion of her Master’s degree Erin worked as a mental health practitioner and therapist in the Twin Cities area, providing individual, family, couples, adolescent and child therapy services.

Erin has experience working with a wide range of clientele with various mental health and behavioral issues. Erin works with late adolescents and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, chemical dependency concerns, personality disorders, bipolar disorder and grief and loss. She also works with couples struggling with all aspects of their relationships whether it be working through divorce, co-parenting, adjustment and life transitions and/or communication difficulties.


Erin Pash

Erin is an energetic, active, mindfulness based therapist who puts an emphasis on being “real”, honest, and doing our best to laugh through the good and the bad life throws at us. Erin is the co-owner of Ellie Family Services and her vision helps support the idea that we should always be customizing services to not only meet the needs of people but to BETTER THE LIVES of everyday families!
Erin has a background in the helping profession that ranges from county level social work, to inpatient chemical health, to outpatient therapy, to group facilitator and supervisor! She has worked with people as young as 5 all the way through their 70’s and particularly likes working with TEENAGERS, PARENTS, ADULTS and families impacted by high conflict, divorce, and parenting issues.
In addition to traditional therapy services Erin offers mediation, therapeutic mediation, social early neutral evaluations (SENE), parent consultation, parent coaching, and serves as a child specialist in family court cases. Additionally, she leads workshops, classes, and various groups around co-parenting, teenage issues, and managing divorce. Having a good understanding of the future of the therapeutic industry, she is also on the road to becoming a licensed alcohol and drug counselor to ensure her and the Ellie team can customize services to any client who walks through our doors.

Winona State University, Graduate Certificate, Alcohol and Drug Counseling – Expected Completion 2017
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Master of Arts, Marriage and Family Therapy
University of Minnesota, Bachelor of Science, Child Psychology
Hamline Law School, Family Mediation & Parent Consulting, Qualified Rule 114 Neutral
6th Judicial District, Social Early Neutral Evaluation Training, 2016
Guadalupe Alternative Programs, Clinical Supervisor Training, 2014
AAMFT, MFT Supervisor Training, 2017

Traverse Counseling & Consulting

Marriage/Couples Counseling
buy modafinil south africa
1000 Shelard Parkway
St. Louis Park, MN 55426

There are myriad reasons that a couple might seek Marriage/Couples counseling. Some couples may be doing “marital maintenance” by giving their relationship a ‘tune up’, like we take care of our cars.

Some couples might be addressing patterns that keep emerging. For them it may feel like they continue to have the same fight over and over again, just the details are different.

Other couples have a big hurt or a breach of trust like an infidelity and want help to repair this hurt and move forward.

For others, parenting styles have become an impediment in their marital or couple relationship.

And some struggle to find a way of relating to extended family that feels okay to both partners.

With the support of Marriage/Couples counseling, many couples find healing and repair with issues such as these.

Discernment Counseling – Perhaps you are not sure about staying in your marriage. Or perhaps you are, but your partner isn’t. Discernment counseling can help couples take one last look at their marriage to see if it is possible to save it


Therapist for Woodbury:

Brian Burns
Burns Family Consulting

Burns Family Consulting
683 Bielenberg Drive
Suite 105
Woodbury, Minnesota 55125
buy modafinil los angeles

My name is Brian and I have 15 plus years working with families, couples in conflict, and children and adolescents. My best work is in marital therapy, co-parenting, and discernment counseling to help couples decide whether or not to work on their marriage or move toward separation or divorce. I enjoy working with spouses and parents in challenging, high-stress family situations in order to provide clarity and resolution.
The bulk of my training and experience deals with marriage and relationship health, families and children in divorce, family therapy, marital counseling, parenting, and high conflict mediation. I am also a MN Board-Approved Supervisor for therapists in training. I come from a practical approach and my goal is to offer usable feedback and guidance.
It is important to choose the right professional to fit your needs. I am happy to offer a free 30-minute email or phone consultation to answer your initial questions and determine if I am the right choice for your family.


Bell Bank Mortgage- Mortgage Loan Officer 

Nathan Marsten
NMLS 341373
Bell Bank Mortgage
2524 Hennepin Ave | Minneapolis, MN 55405
Phone 612.374.9909 | Mobile 612.508.1218

Meet Nathan!

When you choose Nathan Marsten as your lender, you’re choosing experienced advice.  A professional who has been originating home loans since 1998, Nathan has consistently been recognized for client service with the yearly Mpls/St. Paul Super Mortgage Professional award and membership in the Bell President’s Club.

Prior to mortgage lending, Nathan worked in housing finance for 7 years in the pubic sector, following a stint as a ski bum in Colorado upon graduating from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota.

All of Nathan’s clients come through referrals from previous clients and business associates. Let Nathan advise you today on lending options that best fit your goals!

How Nathan Works

Nathan’s first step is to meet with you in person if possible, to best determine your goals, abilities and needs. This provides a foundation for communication and strategizing. Nathan’s paramount role is to advise you of your options and the pros and cons of each one.

Communication is the key! Nathan and his team will keep you aware and informed throughout the process, allowing you to focus on other elements of your life.

Expertise and Specialties

  • Minneapolis market, outstate Minnesota and other states
  • Minnesota Housing and other first-time homebuyer programs
  • Vacation homes
  • Investment properties
  • Refinances

Community Involvement

  • Spare Key
  • Youth Farm
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Contributing speaker and educator for local housing counseling nonprofits in the Twin Cities

More About Nathan

Nathan lives in Minneapolis with his wife and 2 children