If you are not able to attend in person, then download our webinar for a condensed version of the workshops. The webinars include the video presentation from each professional, their presentations in writing and a free 30 minute consultation.

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Have you ever felt anxious? Have those intense feelings ever made you want to crawl into a hole in the fetal position or, alternatively, punch someone in the face? If so, you’re not alone.

When we experience big, complex feelings our body tells us to react. Since you are, after all, part of the animal kingdom, your body doesn’t always know the difference between a giant monster coming to eat you and giving a presentation to your peers, and this triggers your brain to ”freak out.”

This book offers twenty-four wacky, totally-rooted- in-neuroscience ways to stop freaking out. Get your brain to detach from the big, scary feelings when deep breathing just won’t cut it. Effects of this book may include: laughter, feeling ”super calm and chill,” and even like you can actually continue adulting for the rest of your day. Give it a try. I mean after all, it’s cheaper than an hour of therapy.