• Hey Lisa!!! I just wanted to say thank you for the Second Saturday workshops. I attended one in November 2016 and it was pivotal for me, in that, it gave me a lot of information which helped me to move forward with getting divorced, and doing it on MY TERMS. Since taking the workshop, moving forward with divorce, and coming out on the other end with my pride and dignity intact, I've often thought about how to get the word out about Second Saturday. I heard about it from a friend, but it was very happenstance. Divorce is still kind of a dirty word. There's still quite a bit of stigma that surrounds it, especially in the early stages. It's still kept so hush-hush. And then once it's final, people don't know what to say...should they give condolences or congratulations. I experienced all of this myself. The workshop and resources provided are invaluable. There were only three people (including myself) in the workshop I attended. I wish more women (and men) were aware of it and took it. Maybe the word is / has spread and numbers are up! If so, that's fantastic, because it provides a great service to people who are at the beginning to middle stage of the divorce process.